This is actually a sister blog: Basically, the english version of Meditaciones Sociológicas. So, it is a blog that will got posts about sociology, social theory, methodology and the situation of Chile and whatever I could like to write about).

Only two changes. First, overtly local and personal posts (for instance, about political surveys or if I am quite tired) will not go to the english version unless there is a point on it that could interest someone outside of Chile. Second, I do think that something of the style and tone of the original version will not get here. I do think that I can write with a personal voice in spanish, but in english I don’t think that I can.

And I can put that I am a sociologist, I studied in the early 90’s in the University of Chile, and I do have some large and long-term projects (for instance, to write an History of Human Societies, to write an Introduction to Sociology of Consumption for use in Chile and then some of this blog will be about those themes.


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